Paper Mache Madness

Before the Easter Break, Rang 1 and Rang 2 created fabulous paper mache chickens and rabbits! We had to roll up your sleeves, work hard and be prepared to get very messy!

What we needed:

  • 1 balloon

  •   Newspaper

  • Paper mache paste (a mix of wallpaper paste, PVA glue and water)

  • Paint

  • Decorations (feathers, googly eyes, shredded paper etc.

How to Make a Paper Mache Creature

1.    First we added layers of gluey paper to a blown up balloon, leaving a little hole for a mouth. We tried to apply at least three layers, but we figured out the more the merrier to make it really strong. We worked especially hard at this stage. Múinteoir Sharon’s Fifth and Sixth class were very kind and helped us out too.

2. Once the paper mache was dry, we popped the balloons. You don;t need to be alarmed if it implodes, because you can just push them back into shape.

3. Next, we painted the balloon white. This is to ensure that the next layer of paint has a good base.

4. Then we added coloured paint and really made our balloons come alive.

5. To finish things off, we added shredded paper inside and added feathers and googly eyes.

 We think they turned out brilliantly. You can check them out for yourself.