Mad About Magnets

Science - Magnetic Fields


In April we learned about magnetism during our science lesson.

Magnetism is an invisible force that can make some things move towards each other. Here are some facts that we learned about magnets!

  1. Rocks were the first magnets.

  2. Every magnet has a space in which it exerts its force.

  3. This area or space is called the magnetic field.

  4. The size of the field depends on the size and strength of the magnet.

  5. Magnets have two poles.

  6. One side is called the North Pole and the other is called the South Pole.

  7. Same poles repel/push each other away.

  8. Opposite poles attract/pull towards each other.

We conducted an experiment with magnets and iron filings to show the magnetic field around mangets. Check out our results!

We really enjoyed learning about magnets and we found out that they’re very interesting and cool.